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Online Freight Marketplace
Supply Chain Management Platform
Where you can find the best freight from top logistics providers.
How to use
Manage your supply chain easily in 3 steps
Freightest makes international logistics for everyone.
Freight İnformation
Enter the information about your freight in Freightest Platform.
Compare Offers
Get instant offers from logistics companies.
Track your freight in Freightest Platform.
Freightest offers the easiest way to reach the freight offer. Our customers easily manage their supply chain and receive offers from the best logistics companies instantly.

International trade has never been easier
Freightest platform allows you to manage complex international trade transactions from a single platform.

All Transport Models
• Get quotes on all transport models. • Manage your supply chain from a single platform.

Alternative Sales Channel
• Reach global customers. • Sell your freight internationally.

Transparent Pricing
• No hidden fees. • Reduce your costs.

Compare Rates
• Compare offers from the best logistics companies. • Get the best freight offer.

Documentation Management
• Manage your documentation from a single platform.

Freight Tracking
• Track all your uploads from a single platform.
• Tracking on all transport models.
Smooth Shipping
It's time to master your supply chain with the Freightest Platform.
Visibility - Track all your shipments and get live status uptades from top logistics providers.
Comparison - Compare freight rates from all transportation models and make negotiations.
Credibility - Master your supply chain with trustud logistics providers in Freightest Platform.
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